About Me


My full name is Aleksandr Krasnokutskii (Sasha) and I am from a small town Russian town called Novocherkassk (Rostov Region).

I've always been passionate about creating something from scratch. Since I was a little child I wanted to create something. Pretty early I got into gaming and fell in love with PCs. Since then PCs were my closest friends.

Education and First Steps

I graduated from a Russian university in 2012. I studied economics for 5 years (Sep 2007-June 2012). It’s very common in my country that after (sometimes even during studies) people start working in a different work area. So, during my last year in university I started working as a content manager of a Rostov news website called Krestianin. I was responsible for adding, maintaining and optimizing all the content of the website. I improved my copywriting skills, got a basic understanding of how SEO works. I worked as a content manager for less than one year and got promoted to the editor position.

My Previous Fields of Responsibility

As an editor, I worked for more than two years. We almost doubled the number of daily visits in a year. Then we had a brand new project. I was responsible for the idea development and all the very early steps of developing. At that time I realized that I really want to learn web development. Two years later I went to Canada to study. It was a six months program in Humber College, Toronto called 'Web Design, Development and Maintenance'.

Business Trips (Sharing Experience)

I got to travel a lot as a project manager. All my business trips were to some of the most famous newspapers of Russia, Sweden, Estonia, and Malaysia. I have a pretty good experience working and communicating with people of different countries and continents.